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林全信 教授


林全信 教授
Chan-Shing Lin, Professor

Ph. D.(1992)University of California, Irvine

*海洋資源學系教 授(2003起)
 Assistant Professor,1993.8

Marine Biotechnology, Aquacultural Engineering, Biochemical Engineering
研究生參與國際學術會議 王俊雄
Important awards
87 school year,《excellent teacher》


A. Journal Papers: (※ SCI mark)
1. Yu-Chun Luo, Chun-Hsiung, Wang, Yi-Min Wu, Wangta Liu, Ming-Wei Lu and Chan-Shing Lin* (2014) Crystallization and X-ray diffraction of virus-like particles from a piscine betanodavirus. 2014 Aug 1;70(Pt 8):1080-6. doi: 10.1107/S2053230X14013703. Epub 2014 Jul 23. IF=0.568 (Biophysics); 75/78 (BIOCHEMICAL RESEARCH METHODS); 280/291 (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
2. Wangta Liu, Ying-Rong Lin, Ming-Wei Lu, Ping-Jyun Sung, Wei-Hsien Wang, and Chan-Shing Lin* (2014) Genome sequences characterizing five mutations in RNA polymerase and major capsid of phages ϕA318 and ϕAs51 of ibrio alginolyticus with different burst efficiencies BMC Genomics 2014, 15:505 doi:10.1186/1471-2164-15-505. (IF=4.04; Subject Categories: BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY 26/158= 16.46 %)
3. Chiranjib Chakraborty, Soumen Pal, George Priya Doss. C, Zhi-Hong Wen, Chan-Shing Lin (2013) Nanoparticles as ‘smart’ pharmaceutical delivery. Frontiers in Bioscience (Landmark Ed) 18, 1030-1050. (IF= 3.95; #69/261 journals in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.)
4. Wei-Hsuan Yen, Wu-Fu Chen, Ching-Hsiao Cheng, Chang-Feng Dai, Mei-Chin Lu, Jui-Hsin Su, Yin-Di Su, Yu-Hsin Chen, Yu-Chia Chang, Yung-Husan Chen, Jyh-Horng Sheu, Chan-Shing Lin, Zhi-Hong Wen, and Ping-Jyun Sung (2013) A New 5α,8α-Epidioxysterol from the Soft Coral Sinularia gaweliMolecules 2013, 18, 2895-2903; doi:10.3390/molecules18032895
5. Tsai, Chungwei, Chan-Shing Lin Wei-Hsien Wang* (2012) Multi-Residue Determination of Sulfonamide and Quinolone Residues in Fish Tissues by High Performance Liquid, Chromography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, Vol. 20, 674-680. ( IF=0.643 ; Subject Categories: FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 89/129= 68.99 %; Times Cited: 0 ) (SCI)
6. Chakraborty, Chiranjib, Soumen Pal, C. George Priya Doss, Zhi-Hong Wen, Chan-Shing Lin. (2012) In Silico Analyses of COMT, an Important Signaling Cascade of Dopaminergic Neurotransmission Pathway, for Drug Development of Parkinson’s Disease. Appl Biochem Biotechnol 167:845–860. (IF=1.943; Subject Categories: BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY 84/158= 53.16 %; Times Cited: 0 ). (SCI)
7. Lin, Ying-Rong and Chan-Shing Lin* (2012) Genome-wide characterization of Vibrio phage pp2 with unique arrangements of the mob-like genes. BMC Genomics 13:224-237. (IF=4.073; Subject Categories: BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY 26/158= 16.46 %; Times Cited: 0 ) (SCI) (Corresponding)
8. Lin, Ying-Rong, Chi-Wen Chiu, Feng-Yi Chang, and Chan-Shing Lin* (2012) Characterization of a new phage, termed A318, which is specific for Vibrio alginolyticus. Arch Virol 157:917–926 ( IF=2.111; Subject Categories: VIROLOGY 22/32= 68.75 %; Times Cited: 1) (SCI) (Corresponding)
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(B)研討會論文(Conference papers)
1. Y-T Lo and C. S. Lin. (2012) Crystallization and X-ray diffraction of virus-like particles of a grouper betanodavirus. OMICS Group 2nd World Congress on Virology , Las Vegas, NV, USA.
2. Lin, Y-R and C.-S. Lin. (2012) Multiple Vibrio Phages Used in Aquaculture to Control the Antibiotic Resistance Strains. DRUG RESISTANCE CONFERENCE, Stonehill College, Easton, Massachusetts, USA
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4. C-H. Wang, Y-M. Wu, R. H. Cheng, C.-S. Lin. (2008) The Protrusion Domains and the Putative Binding Motifs of the Grouper Nervous Necrosis Virus (GNNV) American Society for Microbiology Annual Meeting, Boston.
5. 施臻儒、徐基新、林全信、溫志宏、 Chiranjib Chakraborty。(2006)基因治療模式生物:斑馬魚基因轉殖研究。 台灣水產學會九十五年度會員大會暨學術論文發表會。台北,台灣,中華民國。
6. Lin, C.-S. and YY Chen. (2006) Development of Offshore Cage Aquaculture in Taiwan. Taiwan-Canada Symposium on Energy Development And Environmental Protection Technology, Ottawa, August 19-20, 2006
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9. 吳逸民,邱莉璇,林全信。2004。龍膽石班神經壞死病毒之似病毒顆粒於免疫力價之研究。台灣水產學會九 十三年度會員大會暨學術論文發表會。台北,台灣,中華民國。
10. 張瓊尹,林全信。2004。神經壞死病毒似病毒顆粒於石斑魚免疫效力之研究。台灣水產學會九十三年度會員 大會暨學術論文發表會。台北,台灣,中華民國。

執行之研究計劃(research projects):
1. 石斑神經壞死病毒顆粒高解析度結構之研究。2013/08/01/-2016/7/31
2. 傅染性華氏囊炎病毒草表面凸出區域與受燈結合及影響致病力之研究。2011/8/1-2012/7/31
3. 轉譯醫學及農學人才培育先導型計畫--新藥及中草藥夥伴學校夥伴學校計畫。2010/01/01-2013/12/31
4. 神經壞死病毒及其配體的分子結構。2010/08/01/-2013/7/31
5. 邁向頂尖大學(第四年)-卓越研究小組-亞太海洋中心(海洋生技組) 97C031701。2009/01/01 ~2009/12/31
6. 邁向頂尖大學(第三年)-卓越研究小組-亞太海洋中心(生物科技群) 96C031701。2008/01/01 ~2008/12/31
7. 邁向頂尖大學(第二年)-卓越研究小組-亞太海洋中心(島礁海域) 95C030312。2007/01/01 ~2007/12/31
8. 神經壞死病毒感染機構的分子模式。2007/08/01 ~ 2010/07/31
9. 亞太海洋中心-島礁研究-海洋生物與資源庫。2007/01-/12
10. 石斑神經壞死病毒奈米結構及其感染途徑之研究。2006/08/01 ~ 2007/07/31